Skyline Park Arizona – Saturday Morning Group Run

Skyline Regional Park Buckeye Arizona Group Run Team Dirt and Vert

Join Ashley Durstine on Saturday mornings for a group run through Skyline Park

If you’re wondering if our group run is for you, the answer is yes.

All paces are welcome. We will layout a loop for you to run, but run as far or as short, as fast or as slow as you want because the real fun is afterwards.

We will gather up after the run and chat about our time and plot out where we are racing next.


  • Follow the main road in until it ends at the main parking lot. This is where all the trail heads start and we will decide which trail to run on that day.
  • If you have any questions please DM Ashley Durstine and she’ll answer your questions.

See You There!!!!!!

Ashley Durstine Arizona Group Run Leader Team Dirt and Vert