Wednesday Evening Group Run – NorthShore Trails: Grapevine, Texas

Wednesday Group Run Team Dirt and Vert Jason Bahamundi

Join Jason Bahamundi on Wednesday Evenings for a group run on the NorthShore Trail on Lake Grapevine.

If you’re wondering if our group run is for you, the answer is yes.

All paces are welcome. The run will be about an hour and will alternate weeks of going East or West.

For the 11/25 run we will head west and run to Murrell Park and back. The distance is just shy of 5 miles at 4.82 and we would recommend you bring a headlamp just in case.

We will gather up after the run and chat about our time and plot out where we are racing next.


  • Here is the starting point for the Wednesday Group Run
  • If you’re running late please contact Jason so that he knows you are coming.

See You There!!!!!!