Hoka One One Clifton Edge Review – Jason Bahamundi

Hoka One One Clifton Edge Shoe Review Jason Bahamundi

I have a handful of products to review in the upcoming weeks and I am going to start with the Hoka One One Clifton Edge and later this week I’ll review the Hoka One One Rincon and Rincon 2.

Let’s set the stage for this review and give you some background on me:

  • I’ve been running, exclusively, in the Hoka brand since the beginning. I’ve run in the Bondi B, Clayton, Clifton 1 and 2, Rapa Nui, Tracer, Mafate, Stinson road shoes as well as the SpeedGoat, Challenger ATR, Speed Instinct and Torrent trail shoes.
  • I am flat-footed and I heel strike.
  • I give shoes about 50 miles of usage to prove themselves before giving up on them.
  • I run between 1,500 and 1,700 miles per year and probably evenly between road and trail.

Here is the description of the Clifton Edge on the Hoka website:

The Clifton Edge is designed to help you feel like you can run forever. With a combination of responsive cushion and our softest, lightest foam yet, it features a snappy ride and unique heel geometry designed to provide a smooth impact and gliding sensation. Clifton Edge is a culmination of all our innovation to date. Step into the future.


  • Embossed TPU yarn delivers a premium finish with targeted support in the forefoot and eyerow
  • Padded collar delivers enhanced comfort at the ankle
  • New vertical pull tab for easy entry
  • Early-stage Meta-Rocker allows for a responsive ride
  • New high-resiliency foam offers a lightweight, springy take on signature HOKA cushioning and ride
  • Extended heel creates a softer landing and smoother transition from heel to toe
  • Rubberized EVA outsole delivers lightweight, wraparound midsole support with a snappy feel
Hoka One One Clifton Edge Shoe Review Jason Bahamundi Team Dirt and Vert
Do these shoes make my ankle look skinny?

Hoka One One Clifton Edge Review – Jason Bahamundi

Reading the features above, the first three bullet points are spot on. I noticed the upper was comfortable, the padded collar felt good and they were certainly easy to put on. I also took notice of the toebox feeling a bit roomier than most other Hoka models which was a nice surprise. That being said, the comfort on my foot was different from the comfort for my foot.

As I mentioned, I’ve been running in a Hoka shoe for years so I am no stranger to their models but this one didn’t feel right from the first few steps. Having just run almost 200 miles in the Rincon 1, I was expecting something similar but I was wrong.

The shoe felt very stiff on my feet. Every step felt like a 2×4 hitting the ground and then just rolling over to slap the pavement. Figuring that this was just the first few miles I decided to give them a shot and do my review after 50 miles which is what I would typically do. Each run felt the same with the feeling of my feet slapping the pavement. The only times I didn’t feel that was when I would focus on running faster  but that didn’t mean the impact wasn’t occurring.

After the first test run, my feet were OK, not great. After the 2nd run in them, my feet felt tender and sore. Then I ran a third time and I knew that something was not right.

At that point, I had put 15 miles into the shoe and after that last run with them I decided they weren’t the shoe for me. My feet hurt as did my ankles. This issue, even when the Clayton was getting scrutinized, never happened to me. I was in dull pain for nearly three days after my last run and I decided to exchange them for the Clifton 7.

The day after the last run in the Edge, I ran in the Rincon 2 and the ride was smooth despite feeling the dull pain in my feet from the day before. Having run over 1,000 miles in various Clifton models, I fully expected to not have any issues with this shoe but that just wasn’t the case. I wanted to like these and would have continued in them if not for the pain in my feet. That was the deal breaker as running shouldn’t be painful, at least not from your shoes.

Because I am only one person, I wanted to post the video review from Running Warehouse and provide you with additional reviews of the shoe. I’d also encourage you to read Hollie’s review of the Clifton Edge and then make the determination for yourself.

Also, before you buy or give up on them keep in mind what I mentioned earlier which is that I am flat-footed and heel strike when I run. If you have arches and are a mid-foot striker, maybe these shoes will not impact you the way they did for me.