Q & A With Rocky Raccoon 100k Finisher Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore Team Dirt and Vert Rocky Raccoon Tejas Trails

North Texas Team Dirt and Vert member, Andrea Moore, completed the 100k ultra at Rocky Raccoon on February 7-8, 2021

We asked Andrea a few questions about the event and her takeaways.

Congratulations to Andrea and we look forward to seeing you cover many miles leading up to your next ultra.

Tell us all about your 100k race. Was it what you expected?

Yes and no. I didn’t really have expectations going in to RR100k..I didn’t know what I didn’t know and didn’t want to create a race based on unknowns before the race even began. We have no control over unknowns..expectations are not real..they are guesses..fears..and bring anxious thoughts/feelings. With that said, and two 50 milers behind me over the past several months prior to RR100k..I knew it would be work! Next level work! Next level fight and grit! I knew it would be hard! I knew it would hurt! And I thought “so what..it’s going to be hard and it’s going to hurt”..I wanted to KNOW..what’s on the other side of mile 51 (prior PR distance).

What was your longest race distance prior and what made you choose this race?

Prior to RR100k I was a road marathoner, new triathlete, and trail runner in training. With COVID shutting down planned races, the hunt for new challenges became priority. Yeti Trail Runners hosted a 24 HR challenge, which ultimately led to their 50 mile distance challenge..I couldn’t stop thinking about it..gathered up a squad and we nailed it..9 hrs of the hardest thing I’d ever done. The pain was a small price to pay for the family bonds built..the memories made..the struggle we pushed through TOGETHER. So different from road running..ultra and running far became more “meaty and meaningful” than running fast. I wanted more. A month later, first TRAIL 51 miler happened with some of that same squad..supporting a friends first 100 miler. It was incredible..and a new distance PR. I want to “race” a trail 50! “Everyone” was racing Rocky Raccoon in 4 months. Signed up..the 50 miler was a different weekend from when “everyone” was racing. I would have to move up to the 100k if I wanted to be there with framily!! It was more important to be with them..no matter the miles. We changed the registration to 100k and got to work immediately.

How did you train and how did the pandemic impact your training or race preparation?

Training..ummm *laugh* I looked up material online..printed three plans that were 6-8 weeks in length. Found others running the 100 mile distance at RR and ran trails with them on the weekends..lots of 20 milers..50k night runs..vert climbing..and fuel/hydration/gear practice. The trail miles were painful..all new to my road feet/legs/muscles..it usually wasn’t until the following Wednesday I could walk without limping. Despite the pain, I knew I was building something..building trail legs..building new ankle knee hip muscles. It hurt but it was so exciting..getting to the next level. We signed up for local ultras to use as “practice runs”. When Team Dirt and Vert announced their crew would be going down to Huntsville for “on course” training miles..we set out to join and go for a 50k. The conditions were grueling that day..the rain non stop..the water deep and mud destroying our legs..it was brutal but perfect training. Being able to experience the course allowed us to study and better prepare for race day. The pandemic..no impact on my training really. I wasn’t able to swim..a big component of my recovery after long miles but spent more time stretching rolling and walking our standard poodle for recovery! More indoor bike rides on Zwift also helped with this during the week. No gym sessions at the Y..but that was ok..we have weights and bands at home.

In hindsight, what would you have done differently in training or race execution?

For my first 100k I don’t see anything I would do differently..TODAY. I didn’t have time goals, pace charts, mile marks to hit, etc.. It was just go and journey for 62 miles with framily and a bunch of incredible athletes. Let the chips fall where they may. The yearning to get faster is not in my heart right now. FAR is my hearts passion. Honoring that fire, after RR100k I registered for my first 24 hr race and snagged a new distance PR of 64 miles in wicked snow and mud conditions..it was hard and AWESOME! I’m now registered for a 69 mile race in late May and on the waiting list for my first 100 miler in October!

Any advice or words of wisdom for runners considering their first 100k?

Words of wisdom for others considering their first 100k..that’s a tough question. Humans can do anything they want to do..once they decide to!! Let that sink in. Decide what you want..what sets your insides on fire..something you MUST have or do. Make a plan to get it or do it. Work for it. Plan on it. See it. Hear it. Feel it. Dream about it. Breathe it. Give life to it. DO IT. No one can create “the thing”. YOU CREATE IT. That goal..that dream..that experience..YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE IT. Manifest it!! We bring about what we think about..you can create anything!! It’s our ultimate super power..we all have it!! Some tap in to it while others wish for it. It is up to you..DECIDE..and DO.

Now that you’ve completed your first 100k, what’s next for 2021?

5/15 Flower Moon 50 miler (Oklahoma)
5/22 Possums Revenge 69 miler
10/9 Indians Trail 100 – wait list
Someday Moab 240

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