Q & A With First-Time 100 Mile Finisher Tiago Camilo

Tiago Camilo Dinosaur Valley 100 Mile Finisher ActiveJoe Racing

One of the North Texas Team Dirt and Vert members completed his first 100 mile ultra at Dinosaur Valley on November 21-22, 2020.

We asked him a few questions about the event and his takeaways.

Congratulations to Tiago and we look forward to seeing you cover many miles leading up to your next 100 mile race.


1. Tell us all about your first 100M race. Was it what you expected?

No and big no! I imagined my first 100M to be the perfect experience, with a crew, a pacer and mountains, a lot of mountains, that is what I love. In the begging of the year I was aligned to participate in Silverheels 100, which could provide me such experience, but due to covid restrictions I just did not believe that the races was happening and the motivation to train just drop 100%, therefore pushing me off the race. At the same time I also saw Dinosaur Valley at a very competitive price, this was in January and jump to it as well. Similar to Silverheels, my understanding was that this race was algo going to be re-schedule or canceled… to my surprise it wasn’t.
The time was approaching and the lack of motivation to actually train was still present. 2 days to the race day I convince my wife that I was going to run a trail race… the idea was that I was going there to train and enjoy the race, not really sure how long I was going through, 2 to 5 hours max, but deep inside I was aiming for 30 to 40Miles. One day to race day, I finally read the race guide.. and learned that there was not going to be water on course, and for some reason I felt that 10Miles loops were going to be easy and therefore, I would no need to have drop bags as well.. crazy decision..
I start slowly and building my pace along the race, after the first afternoon heat wave, everything was great, and slowly I start to convince my self that I was able to actually finish it, even for a crazy old guy with no training 😊

2. What was your longest race distance prior to DV and what made you choose this race?

The longest race I did at the time was Cross Timber 50 Miles, but for that one I really trained 😊

3. How did the pandemic impact your training or race preparation?

What preparation? That was the issue, there was no preparation, just regular running on Sundays Struggles with Gracie and some minor weekdays runs, I just did not believe the race was still on.

4. In hindsight, what would you have done differently in training or race execution?

Actually train for a 100Miles, more time on top of my legs. Read course guide with 1 month in advance. The race started slow, since I was still trying to understand what I was doing. On the 3rd lap the heat, lack of water and calories, close throwed me out of the race. I was ready to give back my ship, when the race crew pull me over and forced me to eat. So first lesson, was you need to prepare this in advance.. bring enough water and calories with you… I waited for the cold of the night, and everything changed, I was able to run and enjoy running under the moon. I even end up with a negative split at 50M.

5. Now that you’ve completed your first 100M, what’s next?

Aim for my elected 100M race, the SilverHeels 100M and 2022 try to aim for Moab240
Tiago Camilo Dinosaur Valley 100 Mile Finisher ActiveJoe Racing

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