Q & A With First-Time 100 Mile Finisher Sue Luck

Sue Luck Dinosaur Valley 100

One of the North Texas Team Dirt and Vert members completed her first 100 mile ultra at Dinosaur Valley on November 21-22, 2020.

We asked her a few questions about the event and her takeaways.

Congratulations to Sue and we look forward to seeing you cover many miles leading up to your next 100 mile race.

1- Tell us all about your first 100M race. Was it what you expected?

It was the toughest race I had ever done. I expected this going into the race that it was going to be hard mentally and physically. I am glad I did it because it challenged me mentally more than anything else.

2- What was your longest race distance prior to DV and what made you choose this race?

The longest race I had ever done prior to this race was the Spartan Ultra which is a 50K and 70 obstacles. I choose this race because my good friend Jackie had reached out to me mentioning that this 100 miler race had a huge discount code for signing up.

3- How did the pandemic impact your training or race preparation?

The pandemic was actually a blessing for me in training for the race. It gave me a positive goal to look forward to and to stay active. Since the lock down in March 2020 I was able to work from home so I had more time dedicated to my training all summer long leading up to the race. Some days I ran early in the mornings or right after work. I devoted more time researching and testing out my gear to prepare for the race.

4- In hindsight, what would you have done differently in training or race execution?

If I can change one thing in my training is to speed walk more. I mostly ran nonstop in my training schedule. In hindsight I ended up walking most of the night. The major thing I would do differently is consume more food and calories during the race and hit up the aid stations more.  I bonked on a couple of the loops due to not eating enough food.

5- Now that you’ve completed your first 100M, what’s next?

I would like to run more trail races in 2021. I plan on doing this race again. The race director and volunteers were very supportive. They did an amazing job organizing this event! I love supporting local races.

Sue Luck Dinosaur Valley 100

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