Q & A With Dino Valley 100k Finisher Zach Dane

Zach Dane Team Dirt and Vert Dino Valley 100k Texas

One of the North Texas Team Dirt and Vert members completed his first 100km ultra at Dinosaur Valley on November 21-22, 2020.

We asked Zach a few questions about the event and his takeaways.

Congratulations to Zach and we look forward to seeing you cover many miles leading up to your next ultra.


1. The Dino Valley 100k definitely¬†was tougher than I had anticipated! Being who I am I went out way quicker than I should have, it’s a 6 loop course with each loop being about 10.1 miles so that first loop was fast. After that I felt ok but around mile 30 it had warmed up a lot more than we all thought it would so dehydrating started to kick my butt. Basically I had lost all my nutrition that I had put into my body halfway into a 62 mile race! I powered through It though and took the next couple of loops as easy as I could.

2. My longest race distance prior to the DV 100k was the cross timbers trail marathon back in February of 2019. The reason I chose DV 100k is it was just after my cross country season had ended so I knew I would have time to recover, and I had some friends that already signed up as well.

3. Coming off of cross country season I had the speed but I didn’t have aerobic base needed for a 100k so my training mainly consisted of a couple longer runs but in reality I didn’t have that much time. My preparation was more of a mental preparation I knew if I wanted to cross the finish line it would be a battle between my ears. Covid didn’t necessarily interfere with much other than the stair master at the gym being taken once and a while.

4. Looking back on the race now I would have not ran a race so close to cross country season! I would have given myself time to recover from XC then start a newer training block building off my speed and endurance.

5. Well now that I’ve completed my first 100k I’ve planned out some stuff for the summer of 2021. One of my friends Briston Rains and I are going out to either Utah or Colorado in June to either run the Bears Ears 50k or the North Fork 50k. After that in July I’ve signed up for a brutal race put on by Karl Meltzer its called the Speedgoat 50k in Snowbird Utah. This is the race I have my eyes on considering its a high profile race and very competitive. So I’m beginning some training right now building my aerobic base and I’m going to tackle the speedgoat 50k course pretty hard. For the June races they are to get my body prepared for the mountains and elevation of Utah. Im shooting for a top 5 finish at Speedgoat.

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