Meandering…Purposely Toward The Finish Line Vol 4

Cocodona 250 Arizona 2021 Race Across The Desert

It’s been two weeks and last week alone felt like a month so it may be almost 6 weeks since my last blog post about training for Cocodona 250? It’s hard to keep track these days, especially with everything going on outside of the ultra / trail world. I hope this blog post helps you get away from the anxiety and stress of COVID and the Presidential election and aftermath.

If you want to get caught up then you can click the links for Volumes 1, 2, 3

Let’s Get Into What Has Transpired In The Last Two Weeks

I had another idea of what I was going to write in this space but then I received an interview request that was asking about setting goals. A day after that I listened to The Trail Life podcast Episode 8 and the conversation was about goals and going after them. Finally, while listening to the podcast The Social Run Episode 31, I knew that I wanted to tell the world my goal for Cocodona 250.

Let me preface this by saying that I had an idea, a few months ago, about this goal and shared it with Greg and Jen. I laughed at myself, so they didn’t have to, because it just seemed so absurd. Without knowing anything about the course or about training for this event, the goal was just kinda slapped onto a text message.

Here is the thing about me and goals. Once I’ve established it in my mind then I can’t let it go. It just sits there and gnaws at me as I train, as I sleep, as I eat and even as I execute on race day. I’m not afraid of going after what some would deem as ridiculous when it comes to goals because failure is not the end. For me, failure is the beginning of the process to getting to that goal. If I succeed on the first try, then the goal was too easy and I will need to go back after it.

Here are some examples of me setting goals and where I’ve fallen on them:

  • Going under 20 hours at Rocky Raccoon in my first attempt on that course in 2015. Finish Time: 19:22
  • Going under 19 hours at Rocky Raccoon in each attempt since then:
    • 2016: 20:23:32
    • 2017: 19:11:36
    • 2018: 19:21:30
    • 2019: 21:59:00
  • Going under 11 hours at an Ironman after an 11:00:50 at Ironman Chattanooga in 2014. Results of each attempt since then:
    • 2015: Ironman Florida – 11:27:26 (First Sub-4 Hour Ironman Marathon)
    • 2016: Ironman Louisville – 11:22::12
    • 2017: Ironman Maryland – 11:35:27
    • 2018: Ironman Chattanooga – 10:31:00 (No Swim and probably would have been near 11:30)
    • 2019: Ironman Wisconsin – DNF
  • Western States 2019 Goal: Sub-24. Actual Time: 26:36:53
  • Black Canyon 100k 2020 Goal: Sub-12. Actual Time: 11:57:27

Putting myself out there isn’t new, failing isn’t new, and these just out of reach goals allow me to be a better athlete during training and especially during racing as I chase those numbers.

With that being said, I updated my Training Peaks account with Cocodona 250 as a race and with a goal. What’s that goal? 80 Hours.

My original text message to Greg and Jen said that I think we can finish this in 72 hours. 100 miles in 24 hours + 4 hour nap + 100 miles in 28 hours + 4 hour nap + 50 miles in 12 hours = 72 Hours. After seeing the winning finishing times at Moab of 61 and 63 hours I decided to check on the elevation profiles of each. Cocodona has about 10,000 more feet of climbing than Moab and is 10 miles longer so I pushed my 72 hours to 80 hours. Can this happen? No Fucking Clue, but you can put every dollar you own on the fact that I’ll go #AllGas #NoBrakes chasing that time during the event.

Cocodona 250 Jason Bahamundi Goals

Now That We Know Your Goal, What Has Training Looked Like?

The first official week went very well. As you can see from the image below, I was spot on when it comes to time spent training as well as hitting the TSS score I had planned. The combination of bike work, hill repeats, trail running, speed work and swimming was awesome. I will add in that I also took naps on Saturday and Sunday which helped facilitate my recovery for this upcoming week.

The upcoming week looks very similar in terms of the plan, but I am adding in a weight vest hike post bike ride as well as bringing back the Man-Maker. This workout is a beast and when you are done, the idea of curling up in a ball and crying then napping is welcomed!!!

Training Peaks Jason Bahamundi Weekly Training Plan for Cocodona 250


Last week I was able to solidify the team that will help me across the finish line (or at least not die!) and that has been a huge relief. These last two weeks have given me the opportunity to set a goal and develop the plan that is going to get me there. With November 1/3rd over, I can say that I feel like I am in a good spot. Our Team Dirt and Crew will be heading to Huntsville State Park for some Rocky Raccoon training, and there is another opportunity (in a couple of weeks) for me to test fitness and gauge how the plan is progressing.

I am also starting to get more serious about registering and booking accommodations for races in early 2021 as a setup for Cocodona.

So, until the next time I post……Thank you for reading and please do not hesitate to ask me questions because they will help me formulate my plan.

Happy Trail Running….Find Your Dirt and Your Vert

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